heroic tenor中文意思是什麼

heroic tenor解釋

  • heroic: adj 1 英雄的,勇士的;神人的,超人的。2 英勇的,壯烈的;強大的,崇高的;冒險的;果斷的。3 (語言...
  • tenor: n 1 (生活等的)進程,方向,趨向。2 要旨,大意;性質。3 【法律】(法律文件的)正確文本;謄本。4 ...

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  1. Perhaps it would be bombastic to call him a modern " robin hood ", it is undeniable that his character does possess a kind of heroic quality that is respectable. his behaviors are based strictly on a set of moral standard

  2. Mountaineer says : " some people usually drive heroic car on the road. there is a abrupt turn ahead not far from here, and a clough just below it, where you can find all kinds of the auto accessories

    山民說: 「這條路上經常有人開英雄車,前面不遠處是個急轉彎,急轉彎的下面就是深谷,那深谷里什麼樣的汽車配件都有? ?根本用不著花錢。
  3. In 1999, cno performed opera music in collaboration with the famous tenor carreras

  4. In 1986, cno performed the opera la boheme together with the famous tenor pavarotti

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