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  • specific: adj 1 特殊的;特有的;特定的,專門的。2 明確的,具體的。3 【生物學】種的;【細菌】專性的。4 【醫...
  • speed: n 1 快,迅速。2 速率,速度。3 (汽車的)變速器,排擋。4 (膠片,照相紙)感光速度。5 〈古語〉興隆...
  • pump: PUMP =politically upwardly mobile personality 政治新星,政治上有望晉升人士。n (淺口無帶的)輕舞...

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  1. This paper elaborates the parameters selection of the 700mw turbine for laxiwa power station located upstream yellow river, which is coming into construction soon. through statistical calculation of specific speed for turbines with large capacity, high operating head in domestic and oversea power station, utilizing turbine homologous theory. adopting regression statistic calculation method, it has got specific speed statistic equation., the demonstration of primary parameters selection, and the primary target parameters suitable for laxiwa power station

  2. But there is still a difficult problem present in the low specific speed sewage pumps : with changeable operation points, the motor is often destroyed by overload, which restricts the application of the pump in many fields

  3. It is a vane pump with high head, small flow and low specific speed, which is smaller, flight and simpler in structure than positive displacement pump mulfistage centrifugal pump, and may handle liquid of high gas or steam content

  4. Under the premise of ensuring the pump ' s normal performance, and its non - overload characteristics and aimed at lowering the maximum brake horsepower, the author also analysis the problem resulted from the saturation brake horsepower of the low specific speed sewage pumps and the solution to it. 3

  5. According to the distribution of pressure and velocity on the 5 types of impeller, it analyses and discribes the feature of internal flow in super - low specific - speed pump impeller