interlocking synchronism中文意思是什麼

interlocking synchronism解釋

  • synchronism: n. 1. 【物理學】同步(性),並發,同時性,【電學】同期。2. (歷史事件的)同時處理,綜合對照表示,對照歷史年表;【繪畫】異時事跡的同幅表現;【電影】同步畫面與聲音。

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  1. And rock triaxial serve testing system is used, through model test involving bedded planes and a set of joint normal to the bedded planes in rock mass, multiple sliding failure affected by properties of joints and confining pressure is analysed, the condition triggering multiple sliding failure and characteristics of failure plane are given, under the co - action of inclination of connective joints ( bedded planes ), interlocking conditions of critical joints and confining pressure

  2. The ecosystem can be redefined as interlocking life systems.

  3. An interlocking or entanglement of elements or parts

  4. Slotting cutters, interlocking and adjustable ; dimensions

  5. Interlocking intramedullary nailing has already been accepted generally as standard therapy in treating long bone fracture, which has pre ponderance in fracture fixation and blood supply