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ion energy selector解釋

  • ion: n. 【物理學】離子。 positive [negative] ion正[負]離子。
  • energy: n. 1. 干勁,活力。2. (語言、行為等的)生動。3. 〈pl. 〉 (個人的)精力;能力。4. 【物理學】能,能量。
  • selector: n. 1. 選擇者;挑選者;選拔者;精選者。2. 【無線電】選擇器;選波器;調諧旋鈕;波段開關。3. 【計算機】選數器;選數管。4. 分離機。5. 〈澳大利亞〉可向政府廉價購買土地的移民。

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  1. Numerical simulation of the beam optics characteristics in a high energy and high current negative ion beam system

  2. ( 2 ) the emission spectra of laser ablation metal copper plasma were measured. the detailed mechanism of plume emission of cu plasma was qualitatively explained using a simple model based on excitation of atom and ion in plume arising from inelastic collision between the elemental species and electron with high kinetic energy. under the local thermal equilibrium model, the electronic temperature of copper plasma was deduced to be in the 104 scale by its emission lines

    ( 2 ) cu等離子體光譜:在420 570nm波長范圍內觀測了激光燒蝕cu等離子體的光譜和各發射譜線在等離子體中的空間分佈;比較了激光能量對cu等離子體發射光譜、電子溫度的影響;用局部熱力學平衡( lte )近似,測得cu等離子體的電子溫度為104k數量級;在不同背景氣壓下,觀測了激光燒蝕cu等離子體光譜的空間分佈。
  3. The energy loss method is depended on the resolution of the detector and the ion energy

    E - e望遠鏡方法對同量異位素的分辨本領取決于e和e探測器的能量分辨本領和離子所帶能量的高低。
  4. In the hipib strengthening experiments, samples of high - speed steel ( w6mo5cr4v2 ) were irradiated by abstract hipib ( cn + = 30 %, h + = 70 %, ion energy 250 kev, ion current density 60 - 180a / cm2, pulse duration 80 - 100 ns ). microstructure investigation and properties characterization of the treated hss samples were carried out to investigate the effect of current density and pulse number of incident hipib on the surface modification treatment. the physical mechanism of the hipib - solid interaction was established based on the experiments

    在hipib轟擊材料表面方面,本文選擇成分由c ~ ( n + ) ( 30 )和h ~ + ( 70 )組成、加速電壓為250kv 、脈沖寬度為80 100ns的hipib對高速鋼( w6mo5cr4v2 )進行表面輻照處理,研究離子束流密度和脈沖次數對高速鋼微觀結構和宏觀性能的影響,探討了hipib與材料表面相互作用的物理機制。
  5. The experimental results show that the n contents in the multilayers are higher at the lower incidence ion energy and current. the n contents increase with the increasing of the substrate temperature. the n contents in the films also arose by using the assisted ion beam

    實驗結果表明:入射離子能量較低、束流較低時,制得薄膜的n含量較高;升高溫度能增加薄膜中的n含量;輔助離子束的使用同樣增加了薄膜中的n含量;獲得的cn _ x tin _ y薄膜的最高含n量為49 . 52at 。