• k: (pl Ks K s; ks k s )1 英語字母表第十一字母。2 K字形物體[記號]。3 一個序列中的第十一〈若 J 略去...
  • shell: n (pl shells 2 義為 shell)1 殼;介殼;甲殼;貝。2 (昆蟲的)翅鞘;蛹的蛻皮。3 【解剖學】種子的...


  1. Kelso s. p., henderson b. k. precision controlled actuation and vibration isolation utilizing magnetorheological ( mr ) fluid technology, aiaa 2001

    關新春,歐進萍.磁流變減振驅動器的響應時間試驗與分析.地震工程與工程振動, 2002 , 22 ( 6 )
  2. The assistant postmaster general ( postal ), mr. k. l. tsang, announced today ( 21 march ) that due to the present situation in iraq, air letter mail containing personal correspondence to iraq is subject to delay. all other postal services to iraq have been suspended since mid - 1991

  3. The common hypotheses of the shell structure aren ' t alterative in the new finite element method, and it finishes the solution through the integral of the different laminas

  4. During the launch phase, it would ride in a protective aluminum shell.

  5. Crossbreeding of chlamys farreri were performed using the parent scallops from the korea wild population ( k ), china cultured stock ( c ) and the survived individuals in epedimic waters in culture area of china ( cs ). four crosses, k k, k c, k cs and c c, were constructed. the index of growth performance of their progenies such as the length and width of the shell and the individual weight were measured for heterosis study