leading hinge中文意思是什麼

leading hinge解釋

  • leading: n 1 鉛制覆蓋物。2 空鉛,鉛條,鉛皮。n 1 領導,指導。2 引導。adj 1 指導的,領導的。 a leading cadr...
  • hinge: n 1 鉸鏈,折葉。2 鉸合部,蝶鉸。3 樞紐;樞要,中樞,要點;關鍵,轉折點。4 (集郵冊上粘郵票用的)...

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  1. The adb has been a leading force in the region to help developing economies address these challenges

    他還說, 「中國已經具備條件,現在就採取更靈活的(匯率)制度。 」
  2. Fatigue failure analysis of aerofoil girder leading to air disaster

  3. Andnihonkeizai shimbun, the leading economic daily, began afront - pageinvestigative series this month called can japanprotectquality japans trade minister toshihiro nikai last month tookunusuallyblunt steps. he sent letters to sony executives, orderingthem toreport on quality - control improvements after recalls by anddell ofsony - made laptop batteries

    在一片嘩然聲中,日本經濟學教授永井修介說, 「日本面臨的最大改變,可能不是自己產品質量的下降,而是其他亞洲國家正在快速跟進」 。
  4. There are several examples of a one-carbon degradation leading to aldehydes.

  5. " ameer " always regards product quality as enterprise ' s life, select the trans - corporation raw materials for use directly, for instance, the raw materials in france, germany, etc., set up perfect guarantee system of quality and service, guarantee the products to maintain the first - class quality, meet the consumption demand that is promoting constantly, guarantee the products maintain leading position in the competition