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  • lift: vt 1 舉起,使升起,提起,抬起;提高;提升。2 使高尚;鼓舞。3 運送,搬運;空運 ( = airlift) 4 ...
  • engine: n. 1. 機械,機器。2. 引擎,蒸汽機,發動機。3. 機車,車頭。4. 工具;〈古語〉方法,手段。vt. 給…安裝發動機。
  • power: n 1 力,力量;能力;體力,精力;(生理)機能;〈常 pl 〉才能。2 勢力,權力,權限;威力;政權;權...
  • lever: n 利弗〈姓氏〉。n 1 桿,杠。 a ball lever 浮球桿。 a brake lever 閘桿。 a control lever 控制桿。 ...

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  1. In view of the poor stop accuracy, unstability of climbing at reduced or low speed and over - winding of mine ac lift when power braking is used, a siemens all - numerical rectification device is applied in the braking system of mine lift and its control mechanism and method are described

  2. Thereby this paper puts forward four ways to reduce no, emissions : reduction of the highest combustion temperature, fuel emulsification, exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction. according to the marpol convention, no, emissions are defined as per engine power of nox mass flow rate

    Marpol公約附則規定的no _ x的排放標準為柴油機單位制動功率排氣中no _ x的質量流量(單位: g kw ? h ) ,因此要想對被測試的柴油機的no _ x排放進行判定,必須得到排氣中no _ x的質量流量和柴油機的制動功率。
  3. Abstract : direct to the phenomena that the stove chamber protective device acting, the powder - feeder and draught - engine power cutting off, the fuel - oil electromagnetic breaking, the continuous signals are desingned. when the fire - extinguishing protective device of the stove chamber work, the signal of cutting of the powder - feeder and draught engine power and fuel - oil electromagetic valve will be send out

  4. With the help of dynamic qualitative information of working marine diesel power equipment in this field and expertise, a new long - distance oil monitoring expert system of marine diesel power equipment has been proposed and developed with the characteristic of expounding the dynamic features of marine diesel power equipment from the perspective of chaos knowledge, possessing intellectualized auxiliary decision - making mechanism based on fuzzy reasoning and neural network reasoning, utilizing mathematic analysis model established by means of track facility states of chaos vector and capable of evaluating the analysis results of oil monitoring facil ity ' s development of engine power and its working conditions accurately

    然後,結合廣泛搜集的本研究領域內船舶柴油機動力裝置在運行中的動態定性信息與專家經驗,研製開發了運用混沌學的觀點闡釋船舶動力裝置的動力特性,並擁有基於模糊推理與神經網路協作推理的智能化輔助決策機制,採取通過求取設備狀態混沌向量等方法建立的數學分析模型進行數據分析,能準確地評價船舶柴油機動力裝置油液監控設備狀態變化趨勢及其運轉狀況的遠程輪機油液監控診斷專家系統。本文研製開發的遠程輪機油液監控診斷專家系統在internet intrabet網路環境下,具有遠程智能專家診斷的特點。
  5. It directly uses the engine power of car to lift the lifting platform