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  • lift: vt 1 舉起,使升起,提起,抬起;提高;提升。2 使高尚;鼓舞。3 運送,搬運;空運 ( = airlift) 4 ...
  • lock: n 1 鎖,閂,栓。2 (運河等的)船閘。3 制輪楔。4 【機械工程】氣閘,氣塞,鎖氣室。5 【軍事】槍機。6...
  • type: n 1 型,類型,(工業產品的)品種;風格,型式。2 典型,榜樣,樣本,樣板,模範,範本;典型人物;具...
  • hatchcover: 艙蓋

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  1. Our business scope includes the designing of various work ship, such as piling ship ( also as lift ship ), self - propelled split type dump dredge, work barge, semi - submersible barge, floating dock, grab hopper dredge etc., passenger ship, such as tourist boat, crew boat, ro - ro passenger ferry, frp craft etc., tug, bulk carrier, container ship, multi - purpose ship, oil tanker, chemical tanker, fishing boat, etc

    本公司主要業務范圍包括工程船舶(如打樁船(兼起重船) 、自航開體泥駁、工程駁、半潛駁、浮船塢、抓鬥式挖泥船等) 、客船(如觀光艇、交通艇、車客渡輪、玻璃鋼艇等) 、拖輪、散貨船、集裝箱船、多用途船、油船、化學品船、漁船等各類型船舶的設計。
  2. Presently has to emphatically take eight methods for it : taking township project for locomotive to earnestly do well the general grogram on new countryside and new pasture construction ; fulfilling " six great engineering " to accelerate township ' s basic facilities construction of new countryside and new pasture and reinforce socialistic affairs development ; implementing " transformation 、 expansion and promotion " three strategies to increase production and lift efficiency of agriculture and stock breed and raise farmers and nomads ' incomes ; accelerating policy support and financial investments to strengthen the development impetus in countryside and pasture ; further do well program work to lay fundament for prodding the economy rapidly developed in new countryside and new pasture ; enhancing farmers and nomads ' skill training to bring up a group of socialistic new - type farmers and nomads who being cultured, skillful and understanding managements ; entirely deepen the reform in countryside and pasture to enhance the driving force and vitality of development of new countryside and new pasture ; realistically respect and protrude the main body position of farmer and nomad to basically change their traditional value concepts on production and livelihood

    目前要著力採取八項措施:以村鎮規劃為龍頭,認真做好新農村新牧區建設總體規劃;實施「六大工程」 ,加速新農村新牧區村鎮基礎設施建設和社會事業發展;實施「轉變、拓展、提升」三大戰略,加速農牧業增產增效和農牧民增收;加大政策扶持和資金投入力度,增強農牧區發展的動力;進一步做好項目工作,為推動新農村新牧區經濟快速發展打好基礎;加速農牧民技能培訓,造就一批有文化、懂技術、會經營的社會主義新型農牧民;全面深化農村牧區改革,增強新農村新牧區發展的動力和活力;切實尊重和突出農牧民的主體地位,從根本上轉變農牧民傳統的生產、生活方式和價值觀念。
  3. The third, after theoretically analyzing, the following practicable methods are put forward : 1 ) automatically pick - up the synchronous information by analyzing the spectrum of intercepted video - leaking information ; 2 ) realizing the phase lock and the electronic image stabilization by integral - projection and differential - positioning ; 3 ) improving the effect of accumulation mean filter and the pectination filter by using electronic image stabilization ; 4 ) automatically adjusting image acquisition parameters by detecting the image entropy, therefore the quality acquired image is improved ; 5 ) to realize the quantitative test of a leaking extent, a standard test picture was designed. finally, a proto type for leaking information processing based on our techniques mentioned above and the virtual instrument principle was designed and tested

    在理論分析的基礎上,提出了以下的實用技術: 1 )用譜分析方法從截獲的信息中自動提取同步信息; 2 )用積分投影、微分定位的方法進行相位檢測,實現可靠的鎖相和電子穩像; 3 )將電子穩像技術用於重加濾波和梳狀濾波的濾波方法,改進了濾波效果; 4 )通過檢測圖像信息熵實現圖像採集參數的自動調整,改進了圖像採集的質量; 5 )設計了用於儀器定標的標準測試圖,可以對泄漏信息進行定量檢測。
  4. General - purpose and lift - throwing type moldboard ploughs for paddy field - moldboard

  5. Guide rails for lift. t - type inspecting regulations