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  • low: adj 1 低的;淺的,矮的。 low flight 低飛。 a low temperature 低溫。 low tide [water] 低潮。 The g...
  • sided: 雙面材質顯示
  • ship: n 1 船;大船;海船;艦〈作陰性看,代名詞用 she her〉。2 三桅船;全裝帆船。3 船形物。4 〈俚語〉賽...

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  1. The ship was sinking. pollack talked to the horse in a low, warm voice. he did not want to leave the animal.

  2. It is a capital ship so is limited to low sec ( 0. 0 - 0. 4 ) and has touse a jump drive and a gang mate with a cynosural field to move betweensystems

    這玩意是旗艦啊大哥,和其他旗艦一樣,需要同伴的誘導力場幫助她在低安全區( 0 . 0 - 0 . 4 )內跳躍。
  3. However, once we take all - sided and impersonal view over the housing finance, we will definitely realize the conflict between the high speed and the low efficiency of it. in this paper, it ' s analyzed that there ' re five factors affecting the efficiency of housing finance, based on the basic situation of china as a developing country and according to some related theories of the western economics. the first one is the dual - track interest rate which presumes that price of housing credit financing is under the control of government to a certain extent, and the rest is open

    因此,本文從我國作為一個發展中國家? ?這一基本國情出發,以西方經濟學中有關理論為依據,分析影響我國住房金融效率的因素主要包括:利率雙軌,即一部分住房信貸資金價格受到政府的管制,而另一部分住房信貸資金價格則是開放的;住房金融機構產權不清,特別是政策性住房金融機構產權不清而導致金融創新動力不足,金融工具品種單一,不能滿足居民需求多樣化的要求;住房信貸中由於較高的交易費用,而使內耗偏高、效率降低;住房金融機構不健全,既不存在真正的住房金融機構又缺乏相應的擔保機構;此外,住房金融中融資機制不完備,長期信貸資金來源不足與資產負債的期限結構不匹配也是影響住房金融效率的一個主要因素。
  4. Now and again, too, there would come a cloud of light sprays over the bulwark, and a heavy blow of the ship s bows against the swell : so much heavier weather was made of it by this great rigged ship than by my homemade, lop - sided coracle, now gone to the bottom of the sea

  5. A ocean shipping co. in a province is facing following problems : less capital, small management scope, bad finance condition. weak ability for risk resistance, old ship age, bad ship condition, high operation cost, weak ability of gaining profit jess talent, low level of management, redundant staffs, unreasonable company organization structure. inert managing system. serious deficit etc. it is typical among middle and small shipping enterprises in tramp shipping market. by using a ocean shipping co. as example, the paper makes research on the difficult position which china middle and little shipping enterprises lying in, also its reason, and gives countermeasures accordingly. which is practical and realistic