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  • manchester: n 曼徹斯特〈英國城市〉;紡織工業中心。 Manchester department (商店的)棉織品部。 Manchester good...
  • goods: n. 〈pl. 〉1. 商品,貨物〈美國說 freight〉。 ★不與數目字連用。2. 動產。3. 〈the goods〉 〈美口〉本領;不負所望的人[物]。

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  1. An ivory merchant displays his goods in a shop in abidjan, ivory coast, on december 15

  2. We must not take combustible goods aboard.

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  4. Goods number : weaving agglutinates nonwoven p1215

  5. He delivered the goods to our office in manchester