many-colored barbet中文意思是什麼

many-colored barbet解釋

  • many: adj (more; most) (opp few; cf much) 許多的,多數的,很多的,多。 ★ 1 在口語中,尤其是在英國口...
  • colored: 彩色
  • barbet: n. 【鳥類】須?〈一種熱帶鳥〉。

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  1. I planted many different colored freesia too

  2. The results showed that low temperature wheat germplasm had many layers of small and closely - arranged diachyma cells, a large number of chloroplasts containing plentiful of granum lamella, and highly serried vascular bundles ; as it grew towards maturity, its structures such as diachyma cells, chloroplasts, and cells in the colored layers of seed ventral furrows aged slowly

  3. Since many of the compounds are colored, the next scheme was to name compounds on the basis of color.

  4. Energy by colored optical glass and to receive the residual energy by photoelectric cell uniformly. the power meter has been tested for many parameters, such as : linearity, repeatability, uniformity,

    行了大量的線性測試均勻性測試雜光測試重復性測試和長期穩定性測試,能夠實現功率最小至0 . 01
  5. This sort of civil disobedience has colored and improved many societies, and is usually recognized as beneficial when no other options presented themselves