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  • matrix: n (pl matrices 或matrixes)1 【解剖學】子宮;母體;發源地,策源地,搖籃;【生物學】襯質細胞;間...
  • tissue: n. 1. 薄絹,薄紗羅(等織物)。2. 薄紙,棉紙 (=tissue-paper)。3. (編造的謊話等的)一套,一連串。4. 【攝影】碳素印像紙。5. 【生物學】組織。
  • paper: n 1 紙;裱墻紙。2 報紙,報。3 收據;債券;證券;票據;匯票;鈔票(=paper money)。4 〈pl 〉身份...

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  2. Set up production line in industrial area, to produce tissue paper - wanshuen papers, tai wan. imported 4 sets of offset perss machine, to produce packing paper, is the one

  3. Dispose of used tissue paper in a covered litter bin

  4. White acid free tissue paper inside the box

  5. Be considerate. do not make the floor wet when washing your hands or discard used tissue paper outside the bin