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  1. At 1872, they built a temple named " chuan eng bio " located near jalan timur now

  2. As time past, population increased gradually, the hokkien and teochew group also came to this island to earn their living. they stayed at jalan besar, sungai dalam and bagan teochew. wooden hourse name " kongsi house " were built

  3. But, unfurtunely, tradedies happened in the year 1967 and 1972, where fires destroyed all the houses and shop lots in jalan besar and sungai dalam

  4. Jalan awan prison

  5. Because car and other vechicles are not available in this island, thus the groom has to drive his fishing boat to " recieved " the bride. the " open car door ang pow money " changes to " hold boat tie ang pow money ". sometimes they will walk around the jalan besar market " informing " others that " we just married today ?