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  • minor: adj (opp major)1 較小的,少數的,小…。2 不重要的,二三流的,較次的。3 未成年的;〈英國〉(在兩...
  • offence: n 1 罪,罪過;【法律】犯罪;違犯,違反 (against)。2 無禮,侮辱;冒犯,觸怒。3 引起反感的事物。4...
  • court: n 1 法院,法庭;法官。2 宮廷,朝廷;朝臣;朝見,謁見;御前會議;(公司等的)委員會;董事會;委員...

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  1. You must give details of all convictions by a court of law in or outside hong kong of any crime or offence you have committed

  2. Four men and two women, who had been involved in a pyramid - selling fraud scheme, were sentenced from two to four years imprisonment for the offence of conspiracy to defraud in the district court today ( february 4 )

  3. A jail for the detention of military personnel guilty of minor offenses or awaiting court - martial

  4. The offence is subject to a fine of $ 10, 000 and the court may order the person convicted to do the act which he fails to do

    違犯有關罪行可被罰款10 , 000元,而法庭可命令被定罪的人將未有遵辦的事項辦妥。
  5. The level and form of penalties would be left to the discretion of the court. the four hygiene offences - littering, spitting, dog - fouling and unauthorised display of bills and posters - would be counted as one type of offence