multiport serial products中文意思是什麼

multiport serial products解釋

  • multiport: 多埠
  • serial: adj 1 連續的;一連串的;一系列的。2 按期出版的;(小說等)連載的;連續刊行的;連續廣播的。3 分期...

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  1. A 、 head wear, plastron and trinket serial products with all kinds of material and novel design ; finger ring and necklace serial products ; foot ornament, adornment and article decoration serial products ; ear ring and waist decoration products ; chain ornament franchise store ; decoration accessories ; tie clip ; mobile phone decorations ; eyeglasses ; related machinery equipments etc

  2. Combined with the status of chongqing machine tool works, the researching project " industrializing innovation for national great technology & equipment in 2001 " has been finished, { project no. national economy and trade technology [ 2001 ] 519 }, { project name : research of module for yks3120 high - speed cnc gear hobbing machine in 6 - axis with four coordinated and its serial products }, meanwhile products yks3120 and its serial modular products yks3132 high - speed cnc gear hobbing machine have been developed

    結合上述研究和重慶機床廠的實際,主持完成了「 2001年國家重大技術裝備國產化創新研製項目」的研究( [項目名稱] : yks3120六軸四聯動數控高速滾齒機及其系列產品的模塊化研製, [項目編號] :國經貿技術[ 2001 ] 519號) 。研究並開發出了yks3120及其模塊化的系列產品yks3132數控高速滾齒機。
  3. Days lion card serial products have 900 million people in the global stability of consumer groups

  4. Rclying on the abundant technical strength of zhejiang university chemical machinery research instiute, it is specially engaged in the production of all kinds of the medical instruments such as the steam modular cylinder, modular dyeing tube, bactcricidal cylinder, gas storage cylinder, fermentation cylinder, heat exchanger, desk type, verticaltype, portable, horizontal electrically - hcated pressure steam sterilizer, carbon dioxide, biochemical, mycetes, illumination, water - sealcd, clectrically - heatedpressure steam sterilizer, dry heating sterilizer, carbon dioxide, bibiochemical, mycetes, illumination, water - sealcd, clectrically - heated, clectrically - heated constant temperature type culture box, fixed temperature and humidity box, climate cabinet exc. meanwhile it offers a full set of the stainless steel utensil serial products to the pharmaceuticals, health - care products, food, drink, cosmetics, uncontaminated workshops and so on. it can design and manufacture various non - standard equipments according to the consumer is requirements. welcome to make inquiry into this company. we are looking forward to cooperating with you

  5. Is a leading company within the great - china - zone, specializing in the application of chinese medical leeches biological technology and the development of chinese leeches biological active substances products. with one aquatic plant, two processing centers and five collecting points in south china, we are already to supply surgical live leeches, dried leeches for traditional chinese medical use, extracted leech biological active substances ( bas ), as well as poecibas serial products including chinese medicines, functional foods and biological cosmetics

    ( poecibasbiotech )是一家由美國和中國水蛭生物及醫藥專家聯合創辦,總部設于香港的高新科技企業。它是目前大中華區內,唯一從事中國水蛭醫藥應用技術研究和中國水蛭生物活性產品開發的專業性公司,主要經營水蛭生物提取物,水蛭生物活性製品,醫學外科活體水蛭,中藥材水蛭干品,以及水蛭生物技術和養殖技術轉讓等業務。