multiport serial boards中文意思是什麼

multiport serial boards解釋

  • multiport: 多埠
  • serial: adj 1 連續的;一連串的;一系列的。2 按期出版的;(小說等)連載的;連續刊行的;連續廣播的。3 分期...
  • boards: 板墻

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  2. As a new interface caters for rapid development of computer peripheral equipment, universal serial bus ( for short usb ) dispels astriction of communication through traditional serial port and parallel port. it is very suitable for real time image data transmission, which requires high speed. this theme describes two - circuit systems, which utilize usb interface to data from a digital image sensor to pc

    為了迎合計算機上設的快速發展以及消除計算機外設通過串、並口的通訊的局限性,出現了新的計算機外設介面usb (通用串列總線) ,這種新型介面對于實時的視頻傳輸很適用,本文設計了兩套電腦眼基於ez - usb2131q的usb介面系統。
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  5. Augustus instituted boards of curators to take charge of administrative tasks.