neutral silk-woolen detergent powder中文意思是什麼

neutral silk-woolen detergent powder解釋

  • neutral: adj 1 中立的;中立國的。2 不偏不倚,公平的;中庸的;中間的;不倫不類的,不明確的;不鮮艷的,暗淡...
  • silk: n 1 蠶絲;絲;綢,絹,緞;〈pl 〉綢衣〈特指拳師、騎師在比賽時所穿的〉。2 絲狀物。3 〈英國〉皇室律...
  • woolen: 粗紡羊毛
  • detergent: adj. 有洗凈力的。n. 洗凈劑;除垢劑,去污劑。 synthetic detergent 合成洗滌劑。
  • powder: n 1 粉,粉末。2 (搽臉的)香粉;牙粉;發粉。3 (一服)藥粉;粉劑;散。4 塵土,泥屑;雪糝。5 炸藥...

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  1. Now we have 11 production lines, 2115 sets of equipments in various kinds, over 50 varieties of products in 8 categories and an annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons. our main products are as follows, detergent powder series including " qiqiang ", " zhonghua ", " shandandan " and " jinmao " brand laundry powder ; soaps series including " qiqiang " and " zhonghua " brand transparent soap, whitening soap, soap grain and so on ; liquid detergent series including " qiqiang " and " angel " brand detergent, " vo ", " yiyelan " brand bath products, " yiyelan " toilet cleanser, " qiqiang " and " angel " brand disinfectant, etc. ; surfactant and chemical series including " an " brand aes, aesa, aos, sulphoacid, k - 12, k12a, industial glycerin and sodium silicate, etc

    主要產品有洗衣粉系列「奇強」 「中華」 「山丹丹」 「金貓」等品牌洗衣粉皂類系列「奇強」 「中華」等品牌洗衣皂透明皂增白皂皂粒等液體洗滌劑系列「奇強」 「天使」牌洗潔精, 「維傲」 「一葉蘭」牌洗沐產品, 「一葉蘭」牌潔廁靈, 「奇強」 「天使」牌消毒液等表面活性劑及化工系列「安」字牌aes aesa aos磺酸k - 12 k12a工業甘油泡花堿等。
  2. This product is easy to melt and spread out while using, in addition to the caress of almond kernel powder and almond particle, it can gently eliminate aging skin horny, leaving silk - like smooth and delicate skin

  3. Is a joint venture corporation invested by enterprises fron shanghai and hongkong. the company makes full use of the foreign investment and the advantage of joint venture system and gets the competitiveness upgraded all - sided according to temporary enterprise management requirements. it succeeds in pushing sales of the whitecat detergent powder in china when the competition become serious in the detergent market

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  5. B : thank you for saying so. have you seen the exhibition halls ? on display are most of our products, such as silk, woolen knitwear, cotton piece goods, and garments