open ward中文意思是什麼

open ward解釋

  • open: adj 1 開著的,開放的;可進入的,可分享的 (to); 無蓋的,敞口的;敞開的;展開的;開的;開闊的,開...
  • ward: n 沃德〈姓氏,男子名〉。n 1 監視,監督,監護,守護;監禁;防衛。2 【法律】受監護人 (opp guardian...

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  1. " but, how can i open the grave by myself ? i had better consult with abbess shih.

    「我一人如何掘得開墳墓?且和石道姑商量則個。 」
  2. Now the absurd situation was open, jack blushed too.

  3. I want to open an account with [at] a bank.

  4. The acv 513 - 6 pump control valve starts in an open position during pump start - up, purging the deep well of air and debris to atmosphere

  5. Baby of welfare in the center department allocate the spacious and bright aseptic nursery, clinic, observe the isolation ward, therapeutic room, mix the milk room ( allocate the sterilizer ), store the thing room, sew and wash the room ( dispose and do washing, dryer ) indoor activity room, recover, train room, open classroom, outdoor playground intelligently ( furnished with slide, hobbyhorse, sand ground wait for facility ) till the area of function

    福利中心嬰兒部配備寬敞明亮的無菌嬰兒室、醫務室、觀察隔離室、治療室、配奶室(配備消毒櫃) 、儲物室、縫洗房(配置洗衣、乾衣機)室內活動室、康復訓練室、啟智教室、室外活動場所(配有滑梯、木馬、沙地等設施)等到功能區域。