origin server中文意思是什麼

origin server解釋

  • origin: n. 1. 開始,發端;根源,起源;起因,由來。2. 出身,來歷;血統。3. 【數學】原點;起點;【解剖學】(筋、神經的)起端。
  • server: n. 1. 服務者;工作者;侍候者;服役者。2. 【網球】開球人;發球人。3. 上菜用的器具〈如托盤,手推小車等〉;布菜用的火匙、叉子等。4. 助祭〈做彌撒時神父的助手〉。

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  1. The following table lists acls set by sql server setup

    下表列出了sql server安裝程序設置的acl權限。
  2. We hope that our study will provide us with more comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms of immune regulation and the roles that dc and complement play in innate and acquired immunity, as well as to lay a foundation for further exploration of the roles dc play in antigen - specific immune responses and immune tolerance from a new perspective. part i expression of complement receptors and complement - associated molecules on dendritic cells derived from distinct - origin at different stages of development two subsets of dendritic cells were generated from precursor cells isolated by means of magnetic cell separation system

    曰補體受體及其相關分子在modc上的表達不同分化階段的單核細胞衍生性dc ( monocytes一deriveddc , modc )的誘導:將新鮮分離的單核細胞mo ,在含有gm一csf和工l一4培養體系中誘導5一7d ,即分化為未成熟modc ;對培養至sd的未成熟modc ,用tnfa刺激zd ,即分化為成熟modc ;此時再用lps刺激24h ,即為活化的modc 。
  3. The assertion is developed as follow : the origin of religion is examined in relating to the believers mentality, multitudinous functions of religion is analyzed in the social circumstances, and religious narrative is advanced in theoretical as well as action level

  4. Indicates that the returned metainformation is from a cached copy instead of the origin server and therefore may be incorrect

  5. This papers describes the background of this task and its origin, the states of application and investigation, states the importance of disaster tolerance system ( dts ), researches the scheme of the dts in xx project, does detailed design on data recovery subsystem of dts in xx project, designs a program of data backup server the turn of dts in xx project