original and witty humour中文意思是什麼

original and witty humour解釋

  • original: adj 1 原始的,固有的,本來的;最初的,初期的。2 原物的,原本的,原文的,原圖的。3 獨創的,創造性...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • witty: adj. (-tier; -tiest)1. 機智的;會說俏皮話的;詼諧的。2. 〈英方、 Scot. 〉聰明的。adv. -tily
  • humour: n 1 幽默,詼諧,幽默感。2 幽默的東西[言詞、文章等]。3 (生來的)脾氣,性情,氣質;(一時的)興致...

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  1. She typed an original and two carbons.

  2. The presence and the observations of villarsky, who was continually deploring the poverty and the ignorance and the backwardness of russia, compared with europe, only heightened pierres pleasure in it. where villarsky saw deadness, pierre saw the extraordinary mighty force of vitality, the force which sustained the life of that homogeneous, original, and unique people over that immense expanse of snow

  3. And witty and delectable

  4. Article 28 for cases of opening kilns, burning wasteland for growing crops, lay anchor, drag anchor, fishing by using explosives or dig sand in the legally demarcated power facility protection zone thus endangering the safety of power facilities in violation of the provisions of this set of regulations, the power administrative departments shall order the violators to stop operation, restore to the original and compensate for the losses

  5. Dr zahhar remains unbowed in his determination, sense of rightness and argumentative humour