penetration footage中文意思是什麼

penetration footage解釋

  • penetration: n. 1. 浸透;透過;滲透力。2. 侵入,【軍事】突破;(空戰中)深入敵方的飛行。3. 貫穿;(炮的)貫穿力;(光學機械的)透視力。4. 看破,洞察(力),眼光。
  • footage: n. 以英尺計的長度[FCB0數];(影片等總長度的)英尺數。 【礦物】進FCB0。

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  1. Anti - inflammatory effect of gutongling ointment was carried through inflammatory models of auris swell induced by dimethylbenzene in mice, of foot swell induced by egg white and carageen glue in rats, of gasbag swell induced by croton oil in rats and penetration of capillary vessel

  2. One of the highest total connectivity rating in the region based on a cumulative penetration rate of main lines, mobile subscribers, integrated services digital network isdn subscribers and community antenna television catv and digital subscriber line accounts

  3. They dazzle the penetration of the composer.

  4. As a compositor you should observe closely the footage and make sure you use the tools available to you to match your computer generated footage

  5. Initial penetration of the anterior ethmoid is performed inferomedially using blakesley forceps. this avoids injury to the lamina papyracea laterally, and to the cribriform plate superiorally