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  • phase: n 1 形勢,局面,狀態;階級。2 方面,側面。3 【天文學】(月等的)變相,盈虧;【物、天】相,周相,...
  • ratio: n. (pl. ratios)1. 比,比率,比值;比例;系數。2. 【經濟學】復本位制中金銀的法定比價。vt. 1. 用比例方式表達;求出…的比值;使…成比例。2. 將(相片)按比例放大或縮小。

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  1. With the established rf front - end system simulation platform, adding the digital modulated baseband signal, this paper simulated the multifold digital modulated signal ’ s transmission, such as 2ask, qpsk, and 16qam. then researches of power compression and phase noise of local oscillation influence the bit error ratio for different modulated system. the designing is satisfied multifold functions request with the high - powered and integrated broadband rf front - end

    隨后在建立的寬帶射頻前端通用模擬平臺上,加入基帶數字調制信號,對多種數字調制格式的信號在該通用平臺上的傳輸作了研究,模擬了2ask 、 qpsk和16qam等調制格式信號的發射與接收,研究了功率壓縮和本振相位噪聲對不同調制的誤碼率影響,實現了滿足多種功能要求的寬帶高性能綜合射頻前端的設計。
  2. Methods of estimating baud rate, signal to noise ratio ( snr ) and reference phase are investigated. a modified euclidean algorithm is proposed to estimate baud rate of the burst packets. a cumulant based algorithm of estimating snr of star - qam is proposed which has better estimation performance in medium scope of snr

  3. We examin e the generation of bell state in bose - einstein condensates of two interacting species trapped in a double - well configuration analytically and the density of probability for finding the entangled bell state is given. we find that the oscillation amplitude of the probability of density for finding the entangled bell state becomes greater as the ratio of the interspecies interaction strength and the tunneling rate increases, moreover the self - interaction strength of the component a ( b ) has no effect on it. also we use the time - dependent su ( 2 ) gauge transformation to diagonalize the hamilton operator, obtain the berry phase and analytically the time - evolution operator

    此外我們還研究了在雙阱玻色-愛因斯坦凝聚中糾纏態的演化,研究發現隨著組分間相互作用和隨穿率的比值的增加系統演化到bell態的概率變大,而且組分自身內在的相互作用對形成bell態的幾率沒有影響;並且用含時su ( 2 )規范變換對角化哈密頓量得到了系統的berry位相和時間演化算符,並研究了量子隨穿過程。
  4. By adjusting many variable geometry components of the engine, bypass ratio can be changed during large range ( the most 0. 25 of military fighter ). the high specific thrust characteristic of turbojet engine and the low specific fuel consumption characteristic of the turbofan engine can be realized during different flight phase by the usage of vce technology

  5. In order to look for the key factors governing fluidization characteristics in the dense phase pulverized powder feeder, the effects of the different operating conditions and the geometrical variables on the mass ratio of powder and gas and the stable conveying time of the system were investigated in the self - developed special dense phase powder conveying test - bed