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  • positive: adj 1 確實的,明確的;確定的;無條件的 (opp qualified implied inferential); 絕對的,無疑問的,...
  • secretion: n. 1. 隱匿;藏匿;隱藏。2. 【生理】分泌。3. 分泌物;分泌液。4. 樹液。
  • potential: adj 1 可能的;【語法】可能語氣的。2 潛在的;有潛勢的;【物理學】位的,勢的。3 〈罕用語〉有力的。n...

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  1. The distributions of current density and potential on the negative plates with the radiational or expanded grid designs are more uniform than those on the positive plate

  2. According to previous work suggesting that event interest, risk constraint, and financial constraint will affect potential attendees ’ desire to attend and their sense that it is feasible to attend, this paper makes use of the confirmatory study to establish the theory construct, and confirms it in the empirical study. the significance in theory and its implication for. 2008 beijing olympic games are proposed finally. main conclusions of this paper are : event interest and constraints fully mediated the effects of motives and background on respondents ’ sense that it was feasible for them to attend. financial constraint did affect desire to attend. the desire to socialize and eustress had direct and positive effects on interest in the event and the desire to attend the event. results suggest the value of segmented sport event marketing that appeals to both travel and fan motives. in the last, this paper, according to the results of this research and the holding experiences of the successive olympic games, from the angle of special tourism events marketing, puts forward some olympics tourism strategies, for example destination branding marketing strategy, and emphasizes some advertent problems in olympic tourism marketing works, aims to pose some rational propositions for the operation of olympics tourism marketing

  3. To evaluate the potential energy we first observe that every positive ion is in a position equivalent to that of every other position ion.

  4. During the formation, the positive plates with red lead and bapbo3 additives are easier formed than that without additive, so the current and potential distributions on the plates with additives are more uniform than that without additives in the early stage of the formation. these distributions on the plate with red lead are the most uniform, and the polarization is the smallest

  5. In influence human resources effectiveness many aspects, the salary is playing the role in the activation human resources potential aspect which does not have may substitute, through is positive but the valuable salary decision - making, we may display the salary the strategic strut function which develops to the enterprise