probable candidate中文意思是什麼

probable candidate解釋

  • probable: adj 像有的,像確實的;很可能的,或然的,大概的;有希望的。 ★ probable 所指的可能性比 possible 或 ...
  • candidate: n. 1. 候選人;候補人 (for)。2. 學位應考人,投考生。vi. 〈美口〉提名候選。

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  1. The sequence analysis revealed that the as1 gene encodes a myb protein, which is a candidate transcription factor. in as1 and as2 mutants, the polarity formation in leaves is defective. cell differentiation along abaxial - adaxial, proximal - distal and media - lateral axes all shows an insufficient fashion

    通過掃描電鏡、干涉相差顯微鏡、組織切片、過量表達等手段研究了as1和as2的功能,包括觀察觀察突變體的組織、細胞結構及早期發育狀況,同時採用gus表達、 rt - pcr 、原位雜交、 northern等手段分析基因的表達情況。
  2. A candidate who obtains an absolute majority of the votes will be elected

  3. The process will continue until one candidate obtains an absolute majority over other remaining candidates

  4. Heyward was already a strong candidate.

  5. It is a cardinal rule of french politics that a presidential candidate must know how to caress a bovine bottom with aplomb