push-pull feed arrangement中文意思是什麼

push-pull feed arrangement解釋

  • push: vt 1 推(門等) (opp pull; draw); 推動(車子等);刺出(劍、手杖等)。2 大力推進,進行。3 使延...
  • pull: vt 1 拉,拖,牽,曳 (opp push); 勒(馬)。2 拽住;扯破,扯開。3 拔去(雞等的)毛;拔(牙齒、瓶...
  • feed: feed1fee 的過去式及過去分詞。vt 1 給…飲食,給…東西吃;給(嬰兒)餵奶。2 喂養,飼養,使吃草,放牧...
  • arrangement: n. 1. 整頓,整理;排列,布置,分類。2. 〈pl. 〉安排,料理,籌備,預備。3. 商定,約定。4. 調解,和解。5. 改作,改編;改編的樂曲。

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  1. Push pull switch

  2. Then novel circuit structure of bi - directional voltage mode ( based on forward converter ) inverters with high frequency link, are proposed, which is constituted of input cycloconverter, high frequency transformer, output cycloconverter, input and output filter ; the circuit topologies family of this bi - directional voltage mode inverters with high frequency link include six circuit topologies, such as push pull - full wave mode, push pull - full bridge mode, half bridge - full wave mode, half bridge - full bridge mode, full bridge - full wave mode, and full bridge - full bridge mode etc. taking full bridge - full bridge mode circuit as an example, principle of uni - polarity phase shifting controlled bi - directional voltage mode inverters with high frequency link is introduced

    本文首先論述了dc / ac逆變技術的應用前景及發展現狀。基於正激forward變換器的雙向電壓源型高頻環節逆變器電路結構,由輸入周波變換器、高頻變壓器、輸出周波變換器、以及輸入、輸出濾波器構成;雙向電壓源高頻環節逆變器電路拓撲族,包括推挽全波式、推挽橋式、半橋全波式、半橋橋式、全橋全波式、全橋橋式六種電路。
  3. This paper introduces the fundamental and characteristic of the fuel cell, analyzes the necessity and detail scheme of adding assistant energy sources to the fuel cell power generation system. considering for the special demand of the fuel cell power generation system, this paper gives out a push pull forward converter ( ppfc ) with passive and lossless dual cdd snubber circuit

    本文首先闡述了燃料電池的基本原理和性能特點,分析了在燃料電池發電系統中引入輔助能源系統的必要性及具體的配置方案,然後針對燃料電池發電系統對dc / dc變換器設計的特殊要求,提出了一種加雙cdd無源無損緩沖電路的推挽正激變換器( pushpullforwardconverter , ppfc ) 。
  4. In chapter 3, the push / pull pattern is gived out for the system realtime alarm. and the file interface of the alarm data, the algorithm of alarm position based on mapping and the algorithm of alarm icon position on the topological graph are designed. after explaining the principle of network software development using the windows socket, the push technology based on csocket is adopted to push alarm event and the pull technology based on http to pull the alarm page

    第三章,給出了實時告警的push pull模式,設計了告警數據文件介面、基於映射的告警點定位新演算法和告警圖標網路拓撲圖上定位演算法,給出了基於windowssocket進行網路應用開發的原理,採用基於csocket的push技術來實現告警事件的推送,利用傳統的基於http的pull技術來實現告警頁面的拉取。
  5. Experiment result proved, relative to complicated structure and hig h request for laying wiring of zvs series resonant full - bridges, push - pull class - e amplifier is expected more suited for high frequency high - power output ability relatively, which is suitable for popularizing