ra a中文意思是什麼

ra a解釋
Ra A =radium A 【化學】鐳 A 〈即 Po218〉。

  • ra: n. 【埃及神話】太陽神。Ra1=radium 【化學】鐳。
  • a: an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...

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  1. The discovery of the colossal magnetoresistance ( cmr ) in hole - doped perovskite manganites ra1 - xmxmno3 ( ra is a trivalent rare - earth ion and m is a metal ion ) has attracted much attention since 1989 due to not only its technological applications in magnetic recording and sensor, but also the effect of the strong correlation concerning metal - insulator transition in the field of basic research. since then, several physics models have been suggested to explain the mechanism of cmr. however, the exact mechanism of cmr remains to be done

    自1989年在摻雜鈣鈦礦型錳氧化物ra _ ( 1 - x ) m _ xmno _ 3 (其中m為金屬離子, ra為三價稀土離子)中發現龐磁電阻( cmr )以來由於其在磁記錄、磁傳感器等方面潛在的應用前景,以及金屬?絕緣體相變等所涉及的強關聯效應,使該類化合物吸引了物理學界的廣泛注意。
  2. The modulation of sound properties over a wide range of time scales is one of the most obvious characters of oscine passerine ' s vocal, whose song contains many different kinds of syllables that consist of many more multiple song phrases. in oscine passerine, ipsilateral projections of ra to nxiits innervates the ipsilateral syringeal muscles exactly, and thus they have strong ability of vocal control with variable tones, high frequency and higher lever of quality. as a result, the songs sound well

    鳴禽鳴囀的最大特點之一便是其單次鳴唱時間長,鳴唱所包含的音節數量和音節種類繁多,因而由這些音節所組成的句型結構也是復雜多樣富於變化,且由於nxiits嚴格的側別控制(每一側核團只支配同側鳴肌) ,使其具有更強的控聲能力,其鳴聲音調變化幅度大,頻率高,品質因數大,音色好,因而其鳴聲也悅耳動聽。
  3. The improved model itrs - ra is shown to be terminating, and confluent under a certain condition

    本文證明了改進后的模型itrs - ra是終止的,並且在一定條件下合流。
  4. Ra l castro, who heads a collective leadership, has launched an “ open debate ” on economic reforms

    勞爾卡斯特羅作為集體領導的一員發起了一場對于經濟改革的「公開討論」 。
  5. The concept of resources abundance ( ra ) is introduced. by discussing the concept of water resources quantity and its calculation with specific emphasis on measure to counteract its inadequacy, a new model : the richness degree of water resource ( rdwr ), was proposed with in temporal - spatial context

    介紹了資源豐度的概念。通過對水資源量概念的探討,首次提出了水豐度的概念、理論。當前水資源量是一個體積意義上的概念,它未考慮淡水作為資源的時效性,簡單地認為「等量即等價」 。