adj. 形容詞 【語音】帶 r 音色彩的〈如 further 中的 u 和 e 〉。

  • r: 1 〈拉丁語〉 recipe 【醫學】處方。2 radical 3 Reaumur 4 〈拉丁語〉 Rex Regina 5 radius 6 ratio 7 ...
  • coloured: adj. 1. 有彩色的,著了色的,染過的。2. 虛飾的,花哨的,似是而非的。


  1. For more on the s system, its acm award, or r, see

    有關s system 、它的acm獎或r的更多信息,請參閱
  2. Children are encouraged to stretch their imagination by adding colours and patterns on the stamps to create a most unique set of stamps. as hongkong post issues the children stamps today, we score two firsts by producing the world s only coloured stamps still valid for posting and issuing for the first - ever adhesive stamps in hong kong which is particularly children - friendly

  3. Systolic and diastolic blood pressures clustered together with leptin in the factor analysis and this blood pressure - adiposity component correlated with estimated creatinine clearance ( r = 0. 329, p < 0. 0001 ) and explained on its own 10. 2 % of the variance in the estimated renal function

    在析因分析中發現收縮壓和舒張壓與瘦素相關聯,這種血壓?肥胖組合與估算的肌酐清除率具有相關性(相關系數0 . 329 , p < 0 . 0001 ) ,其本身可以造成10 . 2 %的腎功能變化。
  4. Study on the behavior of r - 519 resin adsorbing rhenium

  5. C t crowe, et al. effect of spin on the internal ballistics of a solid - propellant motor r. aiaa 66 523

    曹泰岳,常顯奇,等.固體火箭發動機燃燒過程理論基礎m .長沙:國防科技大學出版社