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  • real: adj 1 真實的,真正的 (opp sham ) 實際的,現實的 ( opp ideal) 事實上的,實質上的 (opp nominal...
  • rate: n 1 比率,率;速度,進度;程度;(鐘的快慢)差率。2 價格;行市,行情;估價,評價;費,費用,運費...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • return: vi 1 回轉,回來,回去,返回,折回 ( to)。2 再來,又來;復發,回復,恢復。3 回頭說正經話,回到本...

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  1. Interest in banking, is the rate of return, or the return itself, paid to the depositor.

  2. Its approval as non - usurious the payment of a rate of return determined by market conditions, much as we do today

  3. They should at least realise what their benchmark allocation is like and be informed by their investment managers about the benchmark rate of return as well as the actual rate of return

  4. The result shows that the proportion of state - owned shares has positive effect on the operating performance, the scale of enterprises has negative effect on the operating performance, rate of return on common stockholders ' equity and earnings per share are highly positively related to senior managers ' pay, senior managers ' annual pay is not significantly positively related to the operating performance and scale of enterprises, and its relationship to the proportion of state - owned shares is not clearly negative

  5. ( no, i don ' t mean this in a cold, calculating " rate of return " way ; i only mean to suggest that good works of art must go beyond self - indulgence and address issues we care - or should care - about )

    (我指的不是斤斤計較的「回報率」 ,我的意思是,好的藝術作品必須超越自我放縱,探討我們關心,或者應該關心的課題) 。