rectifying column plate中文意思是什麼

rectifying column plate解釋

  • rectifying: 精餾過程
  • column: n 1 【建築】圓柱;圓柱狀物〈如煙柱〉。2 【軍事】縱隊 (opp line); 隊;(艦隊的)縱陣,縱列,艦列...
  • plate: n 1 厚金屬板 〈cf sheet〉 板(片);(記有姓名等的金屬)牌子,(尤指醫生的)招牌,藏書牌;【印刷...

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  1. From the analysis, some suggestion about joint rigidity design is put forward : 1. joint initial rigidity can be enhanced within the limited range when to increase end - plate thickness ; 2. the rigidity and ultimate moment can be enhanced obviously when to adopt the beam with inclined section or to add axilla at the connections between beam and column ; 3. withm the permissive construction condition, exteriorly extended end - plate inclinedly placed is suggested to be applied firstly ; 4. when the rate of joint rigidity to beam rigidity, that is called, is less than 0. 1, the joints can be regarded as zero - rigidity joints ; on the other hand, if is more than 26, it is rigid connection joints

    採用斜截面梁並在樑柱交接處局部加腋能明顯提高節點剛度和梁的抗彎能力; 3在允許的施工條件下,應優先採用外伸式端板斜放節點,有利於提高節點剛度,進而提高節點的抗彎能力; 4節點剛度與其連接構件的剛度比值0 . 1時,可按鉸接節點設計; 26時,可按剛接節點設計。
  2. The research and development history in the field of auto cascade refrigeration cycle is reviewed. contrast to some traditional cascaded cycles and acrs, a new acr that employs a rectifying column is proposed

  3. The factors, such as end - plate thickness, bolt ' s types, beam and column " flank, that can effect on the joint rigidity and moment capability, are analyzed

  4. It is demonstrated that the use of the perforated plate affords a high level of gas holdup, especially at higher superficial gas velocities, and nearly uniform distributions of the solid within the column

  5. Environment - friendly non - azeotropic refrigerant mixture ( narm ) is used as working fluid. the rectifying column is employed to separate high boiling component, low boiling component and lubricant