redundant signal中文意思是什麼

redundant signal解釋

  • redundant: adj. 1. 過多的,冗餘的,冗長的(文章等);累贅的;豐富的(食物等);過剩的。2. 后備的〈指特別多配備的配件,以防整個機件中這一配件發生故障〉。adv. -ly
  • signal: n 1 信號,暗號;信號器。2 動機,導火線 (for)。3 預兆,徵象。adj 1 暗號的,作信號用的。2 顯著的...

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  1. Stress environment hormone aba signal transduction and its regulatory control

  2. Simulations of gain and aberrance are done to study the amplification of pulse signal with a frequency of 0. 25mhz

    對頻率為0 . 25mhz的脈沖信號放大進行了模擬,分析了其增益和脈沖畸變隨放大參量的變化情況。
  3. Semiconductor switches actuate reed relays for signal circuits or power relays for other functions.

  4. Due to high speed of the maglev, it demands rapidity and reliability of the communication interface between gap sensor and suspense control system. thus a multi - serial asynchronous communication interface based on rs - 485 is designed. it transmits one signal on each unattached channel and has redundant structure, which meets the requirement of rapidity and reliability

    針對磁懸浮列車,對間隙傳感器與懸浮控制器之間通訊介面的實時性和可靠性高要求特點,本文還設計了多路rs - 485串列異步通訊介面,每路通道傳送一路數據,各路通道之間相互冗餘,滿足了系統對實時性與可靠性方面的要求。
  5. The safety electronics developed by tecsis is designed for redundant signal processing through a dual - channel computer system. as a result it meets the sil - 3 requirements

    由tecsis研發的這種安全電子設備可以通過雙通道計算機系統來處理冗餘信號,它符合於sil - 3的要求。