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  • reed: n 1 里德〈姓氏,男子名〉。2 Walter Reed 里德〈1851 1902,美國軍醫,黃熱病原發現者〉。n 1 【植物;...
  • chemical: adj 化學的,化學作用的;應用化學的,用化學方法獲得的。n 〈常 pl 〉化學製品;藥品。 fine chemicals...
  • publications: 成果發表/作品集

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  1. Abrasive grains - chemical analysis of silicon carbide

  2. The dress material of blending of coverall taboo nylon, chemical fibber or cotton, chemical fibber makes, in case coverall receives rate of burn of igneous combustion accentuation

  3. Zyxp slicer is our factory to producing the chemical thick liquid or the wood chip wood grinder with the timber, is it sharpen in blocks demand original slab to need, combine reality, develop but develop with multi - functional dishes of type sharpening blocks of planing meticulously, this machine structure is rational, the craft is superior, easy to operate, it is high to use security, productivity, can replace single function slicer, pulverizer, than use single function equipment raise the efficiency 40 %, power consumptive to reduce 25 %, suitable for log, reed, cotton firewood pole, mulberry skin, slab, branch material, etc. supplies, make the indispensable mechanical equipment of thick liquid with the timber in the papermaking trade

    Zyxp切片機是我廠針對用木材生產化學漿或木片磨木機,需要把原板皮削成片的需求,並結合實際,精心研製而開發和多功能盤式削片機,該機結構合理、工藝精良、操作方便,使用安全、生產率高、能代替單功能切片機、粉碎機,比使用單功能設備提高效率40 % ,耗電減少25 % ,適用於原木、蘆葦、棉柴桿、桑皮、板皮、枝椏材等物料,是造紙行業中用木材制漿不可缺少的機械設備。
  4. The report, entitled " fragile : our reproductive health and chemical exposure, " pulls together " various pieces of evidence from various scientific publications that are in no way linked to greenpeace, " santillo said

  5. Reed chemical publications