rich and prosperous中文意思是什麼

rich and prosperous解釋

  • rich: adj 1 富有的,富裕的,有錢的。2 富於…的 (in); 豐富的,大量的 (in; with)。3 肥沃的,豐饒的;出...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • prosperous: adj 興隆的,繁榮的,昌隆的;幸福的,運氣好的;順遂的,良好的。 prosperous weather 絕好天氣。 in a...

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  1. They could reap the profits of land speculation by selling this farmland to rich and acquisitive landlords.

  2. He did not milk cows because he was obliged to milk cows, but because he was learning how to be a rich and prosperous dairyman, landowner, agriculturist, and breeder of cattle

  3. The economic factor, nay, the shortsighted economic gain has become the only guide in policymaking, distribution of wealth was taken as in apposition to creation of wealth, the gap between the rich and the poor dangerously widened

  4. The sweetness and freshness of the fruit takes the viewer back to a rich and prosperous land filled with fresh, scented flowers and sweet fruit next to a blue water river in western au lac, where most of the delicious and precious fruit of the country are grown

    清涼甘甜的果肉令觀賞者聯想悠樂西部一片沃土的圖景香花處處,碧水河畔,甘果? ? ,這片沃土生產各種珍奇水果供應全國. .
  5. Langzhong is one of the four well - preserved ancient cities in china. with a long splendid history and prosperous culture, this ancient city is rich in picturesque landscapes and historical relics, which are of great value in appreciation and study of historical change