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  1. From the analysis of the textual structure of " spiritism ", this paper introduces to the reader the excavated and inherited documents, compares them with the accepted fu style in their similarities and differences in formal structures, and concludes that " spiritism " is a classic of fu style as is defined by " wen xin diao long "

  2. It was terribly cold in hong kong at night, i was dashing across the streets looking for jay collectiables, and finding things to eat. thats too diao for me

  3. Chapters and sentences are symbols the reader depends upon to divide the text, the stylistic rules the scholars made exegesis of texts and hierarchical units of language, which are what the chapters and sentences in the wen xin diao long discussed

    章句既是閱讀古書時、離章斷句的符號,又是漢代學者注釋文本的一種體例,也是作為語言單位的章句, 《文心雕龍?章句》中的章句乃語言單位。
  4. Yuhua diao, who is now holding the position of expert commissioner of national vocational skill certification expert committee foot massage professional committee, president of national high - tech health industry working committee foot massage industry professional committee dalian city ruoshi health association

  5. It strongly proves that wen xin diao long can be comparable to any outstanding literature criticism in history

    它有力地證明: 《文心雕龍》完全可以和世界歷史上任何一部傑出的文論名著媲美。