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  • service: n 塞維斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 服務;工作;公務;職務;事務;業務;行政部門(人員),服務機構(人員)。2 ...
  • statistics: n. 1. 統計學,統計法〈用作單數〉。2. 統計數字[資料],統計表〈用作復數〉。

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  1. Eia china customs statistics information service centre

  2. Export trade is facilitated through the issue of phytosanitary certificates. the number of phytosanitary certificates issued on wood packing material for export to brazil and the european community was growing. statistics on plant import control and plant health service are shown in appendix 7

    資料顯示,為出口往巴西及歐洲國家而發出包裝木料的植物檢疫證明書數目,有上升趨勢。關于植物入口管制及植物檢疫制度統計數據載于附錄7 。
  3. The nm system needs to support the service system of the business department and link the attribute information of leased line users. to than end, summary statistics concerning the provisioning, termination and quality of leased lines may be provided in a qos report

  4. The subject recommends the sending and receiving sms through smg network and ismg network, explains the main content of cmpp, sgip and the network game ( games developed on the basis of brew and j2me ) on the whole, mostly, the subject introduces the main content of message paradise, including overall design, structure design, database design and all respects, it can make us clear about the framework and development of the cell phone message game, it has offered the overall solution for the thing that the cell - phone receives and dispatches messages and plays games, which makes us able to realize the sending and receiving of message, the game reminding, public information sending, statistics of the web page report, message charge ( including according to piece charge, real - time monthly payment, non - real - time monthly payment ), customer service support, game ' s control and a series of functions of the game

    本課題介紹了通過聯通網關或者移動網關發送簡訊的過程,闡述了cmpp協議和sgip協議的主要內容以及網路游戲(主要是基於brew和j2me開發的游戲)的大體內容,最主要的是,本課題介紹了簡訊樂園的主要內容,包括總體設計、結構設計、數據庫設計等各個方面,可以讓我們清楚的了解手機簡訊游戲的架構和開發過程,本課題為手機收發簡訊、玩游戲提供了全面的解決方案,使我們可以實現簡訊游戲的發送和接收、游戲下發提醒、公共信息的群發、網頁報表的統計、簡訊游戲的收費(包括按條收費、實時包月記費、非實時包月記費) 、客服支持、系統監控等一系列功能。
  5. Special security measures will be put in place in the wanchai tower where offices of the census and statistics department ( c & sd ), including its publications sales centre, service centre on trade statistics and counter for receiving cargo manifests, are located