sino-german cooperation中文意思是什麼

sino-german cooperation解釋

  • sino: 格林維
  • german: adj 1 德意志的,德國的。2 日耳曼人的,德國人的。3 日耳曼語的,德語的。n 1 德意志人;德國人;日爾...
  • cooperation: n 合作;協作;互助。 a consumers [consumptive] cooperation消費合作。 a producers [productive] coo...

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  1. Sino - german trade in wolfram ore from the 1920 ' s to the 1930 ' s

  2. We are looking forward to new winners, prizes and above all to new relationships between chinese people and europeans. press comentary about the 1st sino - german cup : some impressions of the 1st sino - german cup

  3. On the hindrance of western media in sino - arab cooperation

  4. The last few years have seen a rapid upgrading of pudong ' s industrial sector as a whole, best captured by the emergence of six pillar industries : the automaking industry headed by shanghai - general motors joint venture manufacturing buick cars, the electronics - information industry led by a sino - japanese joint venture producing super large - scale integrated circuits, the steel - making industry with a sino - german joint venture as its backbone producing stainless steel sheet, the petrochemical and fine chemical industry centering around sino - german and sino - us joint ventures, the home electrical appliances industry represented by sino - japanese joint ventures, and the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry developed jointly by local pharmaceutical manufacturers and a number of world - renowned pharmaceutical enterprises

  5. Sino - german memorandum of understanding on strengthening cooperation on ipr protection inked