special hand中文意思是什麼

special hand解釋

  • special: adj (opp general ordinary usual)1 特別的,特殊的。2 專門的;專用的;特設的。3 額外的,臨時附加...
  • hand: n 漢德〈姓氏〉。n 1 手;(猴子等的)腳;(一般四足獸的)前腳。2 (鐘表的)指針,(工具等的)把,...

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  1. It is furnished with special hand made furniture and utensils which can be found in local peoples house, such as stone mill, raincoat made of palm tree bark and bamboo hat

  2. As a shipping agent, our company undertakes appointed agency and through transport for import and export of whole shipping container, large amount of bulk grocery goods and special goods, including documents preparation, shipping space booking for import and export, customs declaration, customs login, storage, bonded warehouse, hand over in port, assembling devanning and insurance

  3. Their value amounted to 5. 41 billion dollars, up 3 percent. on the other hand, china exported 406, 000 complete vehicles including ckds in 2004, including 9, 335 cars, 779 cross - country vehicles and 275, 186 special - purpose vehicles. an official with china s ministry of commerce said the gap between chinese and foreign automobile industries remains great

    即基本乘用車第二類乘用車是多功能乘用車即常說的mpv ,集轎車廂式貨車旅行車等功能於一體的車第三類乘用車是運動型乘用車,也就是suv ,最後一類乘用車是除了以上三類以外的所有乘用車品種。
  4. A special hand - back service will be provided on 4 february 2002 at the new office, whereby official and privately made unregistered covers with full postage prepaid and bearing the words " first day cover " and a local address will be accepted and impressed with the normal datestamp of the office and handed back to the customer

  5. For the rescue, mattila and other scientists, who have saved more than fifty whales, created special hand tools to cut the line