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  • sphere: n 1 球;球體,圓體,球面,球形。2 天體;星,行星。3 地球儀,天體儀。4 【天文學】天球;天空。5 (...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • material: adj 1 物質的(opp spiritual)。2 身體上的,肉體上的;物慾的,追求實利的;卑俗的。3 有形的,實體的...
  • production: n 1 生產,產生;【物理學】(粒子的)生成;製造;(電影的)攝制;(戲劇的)演出;著作。2 產品,製...

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  1. In a hole in the center of this system is placed a subcritical sphere of fissionable material.

  2. " bor " the series product, uses now the international leading technology, american, german, the japanese import name brand electron primary device, the raw material production manufacture, at present has several series, 100 many kinds of specifications, the variety complete standardization series product, as well as the large - scale non - sign using plc, touches the screen and the labor controls the completely automatic ultrasonic wave clearer, the ultrasonic wave plastic welding apparatus which the computer control screen demonstrated, industry cold water machine, the commercially pure hydraulic engine and so on the non - sign equipment

  3. The reason of the legal norms in a legal order is the ‘ basic norm ’ which is presupposed in our juristic thinking, whose content is that one ought to obey the prescriptions of the historically first constitution. kelson insists that legal norms have four spheres of validity. they are personal sphere of validity, material sphere of validity, territorial sphere of validity and temporal sphere of validity

  4. Although many achievements have been acquired in oled structure material, production technology, drive methods, oled technology is just at the beginning, oled has given an equal chance for every company and country, and it is very important for our country to develop displaying technology of our own. the research direction of oled is managing to improve the device lifetime, at the same time found a perfect production technological flow and the global standard production mode. it is still a arduous mission that we want to live up to a batch production of oled displays in the future some years. active matrix organic light emitting diode ( am - oled ) adopts a circuit structure based on matrix addressing, and its driving circuit includes pixel driving circuit and peripheral driving circuit

    在文中,首先,分析和研究了有源oled的像素驅動電路,闡述了amoled顯示屏及其周邊驅動電路的結構和原理;其次,提出了qvga解析度的有源oled顯示屏列電極數據引線的分塊( block )方法,確定屏上驅動電路所需要的控制信號之間時序關系和幅值要求;最後,以fpga控制器的設計為核心,對外圍控制ic進行了具體設計,建立控制器電路模塊模型和演算法流程,通過quartus軟體對其內部的各個電路模塊進行綜合設計和模擬,得到了正確的模擬波形,完成了解析度為qvga ( 320 3 240 )的amoled專用驅動電路的設計。
  5. In the sphere of material things giving means being rich.