squalene oxidocyclase中文意思是什麼

squalene oxidocyclase解釋

  • squalene: n. 【化學】角鯊烯,三十碳六烯。

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  1. Cdw also increased the activity of phenylalanine ammonia lyase ( pal ), expression of a p. ginseng squalene epoxidase ( sqe ) gene and saponin synthesis

  2. It showed that tiopronin uniting squalene soft capsrles on treating nonalcoholic steatohepatitis was worth of clinic application

  3. Asqs is 70 %, 77 %, 44 % and 39 % identical to squalene synthases from arabidopsis thaliana, tobacco, human and yeast, respectively. the asqs genomic dna has a complex organization containing 14 exons and 13 introns

    青蒿鯊烯合酶氨基酸序列與擬南芥、煙草、人類、酵母鯊烯合酶的一致性分別為70 、 77 、 44 、 39 。
  4. Full - length or truncated cdna was subcloned into prokaryotic expression vector pet30a and expression induced in e. coli bl21 ( de3 ). no squalene synthase polypeptide of expected molecular mass was observed in e. coli containing the putative full - length squalene synthase cdna, however, overexpression in e. coli was achieved by truncating 30 hydrophobic amino acids at the carboxy terminus

  5. Efficiency : contain several minerals and micro elements, squalene, deep sea active spring, several amino acids, instantly penetrate into skin, supply moisture and nutrition, improve skin activeness and firmness, form protective membrane on skin surface, constantly moisturize skin and make skin moist, tender and white