staphylococcus phage b中文意思是什麼

staphylococcus phage b解釋

  • staphylococcus: n. (pl. -cocci ) 【微生物學】葡萄球菌。-coccal, -coccic adj.
  • phage: n. 【醫學】噬菌體(= bacteriophage)。
  • b:

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  5. By elisa analysis, inhibition of binding of clq with the c ! q receptors on u937 cells and competitive inhibition of binding of clq with aggregated immunoglobulin g b y selected phage clones, and dna sequencing, a number of similar, but not identical, sets of sequences of clq - binding clones were identified. the deduced amino acid sequences of selected 9 peptides are wyegpftlytwp, hwdpfslsayfp, ltqhnspffllp, tsnpfflwypqp, qtpfqlw, npfnwts, spfxlts, fltwldp and fstflyp. they show significant efficiency to inhibit the binding of clq with the clq receptors on u937 cells and / or aggregated immunoglobulin g, which suggest that the selected peptides contain the modeling epitopes of clq receptor to bind the collage - like region or igg to bind the head domain of clq

    然後,採用噬菌體肽庫技術,以c1q為釣餌蛋白,從12肽庫和環7肽庫中親和篩選能與c1q結合的噬菌體克隆,經elisa 、 u937細胞配體結合抑制試驗、 aigg競爭抑制試驗及dna測序,獲得了9個具c1q抑制活性克隆的dna序列,其相應的氨基酸序列為: wyegpftlytwp 、 hwdpfslsayfp 、 ltqhnspffllp 、 tsnpfflwypqp 、 qtpfqlw 、 npfnwts 、 spfxlts 、 fltwldp 、 fstflyp ,它們可能模擬c1qr和或igg的c1q結合表位並抑制c1q的活性。