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  • stock: n 〈德語〉 滑雪手杖。n 1 (樹等的)干,根株,根莖。2 【園藝】砧木;苗木;原種。3 〈古語〉木塊,木...
  • exchange: vt 1 (以某物與另一物)交換,調換 (for) 2 互換,交流,交易。3 兌換。 vi 1 兌換 (for) 2 交換;...
  • committee: n. 1. 委員會;〈集合詞〉(全體)委員。2. 【法律】受託人,財產代管人,保護人,(白癡等的)監護人。

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  1. At another stop, he visits the ghana stock exchange. not quite the big board, but a big and burgeoning development here, and they are justifiably proud

  2. The london stock exchange is in turmoil today.

  3. When requirements are met pure market maker system should not be used because of its shortcomings in nature, either. a better way to solve the problem is that we may adopt the long suits of the two trading system ; ( 5 ) the stopping transacting system : the writer suggests that it ' s the stock exchange that should decide which stock meet the requirement of stopping transacting

    ( 4 )在二板市場的交易制度上,由於我國的現實條件;筆者認同已出臺的創業板市場咨詢文件的觀點,即在二板市場設立之初,暫不實行報價驅動交易制度(做市商制度) ,而沿用委託指令驅動制度(競價交易制度) ,待條件成熟后再實行報價驅動交易制度(做市商制度) 。
  4. The management committee of the government pension investment fund is “ very close ” to reaching agreement on broadening its investment focus beyond the tokyo stock exchange ' s first section, a committee member has told the financial times

  5. The author discussed the reasons why the stock exchange and chinese supervision committee could not take civil liability. in chapter 4, the author explored the civil liability of manipulators. civil liability is the powerful instrument of preventing securities manipulation