n. 名詞 T形滑桿〈掛在用電來帶動的很長的鋼纜上,拉兩個滑雪者上山〉。

  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • bar: BAR = Browning automatic rifle 白朗寧自動步槍。n 巴爾〈南斯拉夫港市〉。n 1 棒,桿,條;棒狀物。2...


  1. The existing theoretical analyses have n ' t refelcted this true mechanism of the force transfering in fixed segment of anchor bar. for the sake of studying the working course from elastic to elastoplasticity slide better, this paper put forward shear stress - displacement curve, and solve the internal force distribution along anchor bar by the basic equntion. at the same time, this paper analysize the difference of columniform fixed segment and the segmeng with anchor slab at the foot of anchor bar

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  4. While sun added the ability to programmatically iconify the frame in version 1. 2, you still couldn t hide the title bar or maximize a frame

    雖然sun在版本1 . 2中添加了通過編程將frame圖標化的功能,您仍然無法隱藏title bar或將frame最大化。
  5. I was shaky and didn't want to wait at the bar for seating.