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  • termination: n. 1. 末端,終點;終止,終結;結局,結束。2. 限定,界限,限度。3. 【語法】詞尾。adj. -al
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • insurance: n 1 安全保障。2 保險,保險業。3 保險單〈通稱 insurance policy〉。4 保險費〈通稱 premium〉。5 保險...
  • contract: n 1 契約,合同。2 婚約。3 承包(合約)。4 【法律】契約法。5 【牌戲】定約,合約橋牌。6 〈主英方〉...

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  1. On the system of termination of the contract in picc

  2. Article 115 a party ' s right to claim compensation for losses shall not be affected by the alteration or termination of a contract

  3. This ruling will apply with effect from the year of assessment 2004 2005, up to the termination of the contract processing agreement

    本裁定由2004 2005課稅年度起適用,直至來料加工合同終止。
  4. Traceability in termination of a contract

  5. Article 38 in the event that an applicant requests the termination of the contract prior to the commencement of the insurance liability, the applicant shall pay handling charges to the insurer and the insurer shall return the premiums paid