thick ethernet cable中文意思是什麼

thick ethernet cable解釋

  • thick: adj 1 (opp thin)厚的;(樹枝)粗大的。2 濃厚的,黏稠的;混濁的。3 不透明的;不清晰的(聲音沙啞...
  • ethernet: 【計算機】以太網(局域網)。
  • cable: n 凱布爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻三根三股索;粗索,巨纜;鋼絲繩...

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  1. Channel media : plc, microwave, optical fiber, cable, dial - up, ethernet

  2. Crosslinked polythene insulated polythene jacket thick steel - wire sheathed power cable

  3. If you take the suspension cable which is the one meter thick, you could probably hang the titanic from that

  4. Bring forward the application to deliver the data information by wireless ethernet, which replaces drag cable used formerly

  5. And if your noxon 2 audio ever finds itself outside the range of an available wireless network like in a basement, you can continue to use it simply by plugging it into your ethernet cable - connected home network - no setup necessary

    如果您的noxon 2 audio無法接收到無線網路例如在地下室,只要簡單地插上區域網路線,不需另外的安裝步驟,依然可以繼續使用noxon 2 audio 。