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ton suture解釋

  • ton: n 1 噸〈(a)重量單位,英噸=2,240磅 (=long ton= gross ton),美噸 =2,000磅 (=short ton)...
  • suture: n. 【醫學】縫合(術);縫線;【植、動】接縫;【解剖學】縫,骨縫。vt. 縫合,縫攏,連接。n. -ration

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  1. Intestinal suture is part of the story of abdominal surgery.

  2. The ascaris adults may perforate a suture line or cause a bile or pancreatic duct obstruction.

  3. Specifications for suture forceps cannular suture forceps for alimentary tract

  4. Basing on the government s support and our effort for these years, the output has gradually increased from 800 ton in 1994 to 3000 ton in 2000. especially in 1999, the company invested 2. 8 million yuan rmb emphasizing in technical reform, and set up a neodymium and samarium grouped separation production line to produce a new serious products of low - zinc and low - magnesium rare earth chloride. now the company formed a complete set of service system production to marketing. presently our products has saled covering shandong, shanghai and jiangsu province etc. the company totally possesses 7 million yuan of fized assets and 6 million yuan of circulating capital, and a steady and experienced technical and management team including 2 senior engineer, 3 engineers and 5 other technicians

    1999年以來加大了技術改造,新投入280萬元建成了釹釤分組線一條,生產低鋅、低鎂氯化稀土。 2000年追加技改投資580多萬元,建成了3000噸萃取分離線,可生產稀土系列產品。企業現有固定資產1480多萬元,流動資金1000多萬元,高級工程師5名,工程師3名,大中專專業人才20餘名。
  5. It is a modern comprehensive hogpen that can put out 5000 - ton feedstuff and 12000 pigs, and it is a sample pig - feeding factory in henan food company. the company employs the techniques of " pregnant pig in fence, mother pig in lactation put into nest, baby pig put into net " and cross breed mode of duroc ox changba ox about gram 0, breeds baby pig and feeds them by they own ability. the hogpen is managed in a close condition and production streamline with good and reasonable structure