tourette syndrome中文意思是什麼

tourette syndrome解釋

  • tourette: tourette綜合征
  • syndrome: n. 1. 【醫學】綜合癥,癥候群。2. (某一事物的)全部特徵;特徵群;(具有某種共同性的不同事物的)集合。

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  1. There is no cure for the disease acquired immune deficiency syndrome or aids.

  2. Aids, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is usually a fatal disease which leaves the body unable to ward off infection

    艾滋病? ?獲得性免疫缺損綜合癥是一種使人體喪失免疫能力的通常致命的疾病。
  3. April 8, 1990 after a long battle against the acquired immune deficiency syndrome ( aids ), 18 - year - old ryan white succumbed to the disease

  4. There exists deficit of executive control in schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive - compulsive disorder ; tourette syndrome, conduct disorder, anti - social personality disorder and so on. in a word, the pfc is very important when behavior must be guided by internal states or intentions

    近年來神經成像技術日漸增多,研究顯示腦能量代謝的各個環節均與心理過程密切相關,猴在執行go / nogo任務過程中,主溝、前後額極和頂-枕皮層都有明顯的區域性腦血流( rcbf )增加,說明這些腦區參與了go / nogo任務。
  5. Clinical observation on acupuncture for treatment of tourette ' s syndrome