音標 ['tauə]
n. 名詞 塔,樓塔;城堡;碉堡;要害地;〈罕用語〉(負傷鳥的)筆直向上飛;〈美國〉鐵路信號所。
a bell tower 鐘樓。
a keep tower 城樓。
a martello tower 【歷史】海岸圓炮塔。
a watch tower 望樓。
a water tower 給水塔;(水庫泄水口的)水塔。
the T- (of London) 倫敦塔。
tower and town 〈詩〉有人家的地方。
tower of ivory 象牙塔。
tower of strength 非常可靠的人;干城,柱石。
vi. 不及物動詞 高聳 (above); 勝過;(鷹等)翱翔;(負傷的鳥)筆直飛上去。
n. 名詞 托爾(斯)〈姓氏〉。


    1. Specification for acceptance test of water - cooling tower

    2. Finally, the controller working based on the combination of rbf neural networks and traditional pid control was applied to in aclinic kinetic machinery and lifting machinery of tower crane. the simulation of this controller was made using matlab, and the simulation results showed that the control system has some merits, such as quick response, little overshoot, well anti - jamming capacity, and little steady - state error, etc. both the dynamic property and static characteristic of this controller are better than traditional pid controller, and meet the tower crane

    3. Base control tower repeat, we are under air attack

    4. Amethyst indulgence unit 60a, tower 3

    5. Continental or buffet breakfast daily. half day sightseeing : enjoy views of arc de triomphe, louvre, eiffel tower, champs elyses and notre dame cathedral on the ile de la cit