treatin me so bad中文意思是什麼

treatin me so bad解釋

  • me: ME = marriage encounter Me = methyl 【化學】甲基。pron 1 〈I 的賓格〉我〈把我,對我,給我等〉。...
  • so: adv 1 〈表示方式、方法、情況等〉那麼,那樣;這么,這樣。 You will never do it so 你那樣做不行。 T...
  • bad: adj (worse worst )1 壞的,惡的,歹的,不好的,不道德的。2 不正確的,錯誤的。3 不中用的;低劣的...

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  1. You understand, it signifies nothing to me so long as you pay for your lessons out of your own cashbox

  2. She didn't complain; she only told me what bad nights you'd had-so many in succession.

  3. I - m not the others who just took your heart and ran. but everytime you say those things you make me feel so bad. why can - t you just give me a chance

  4. The fact was, i had other things to think about ; within the last few months feelings had been stirred in me so much more potent than any they could raise - pains and pleasures so much more acute and exquisite had been excited than any it was in their power to inflict or bestow - that their airs gave me no concern either for good or bad

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