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  1. The first runner - up was a team of five part - time postgraduate students studying in cuhks mba programme in finance at tsinghua university in shenzhen. christabel zheng xiaoying, tenny lau, joseph lung, colin zou and johnson chang zheng won hk 3, 000 and the chance to represent cuhk to compete with other leading universities in asia at the asia moot corp competition to be held in bangkok from march 20th to 22nd

    亞軍隊伍由五名中大與清華合作培育的金融財務mba學生包括鄭肖、劉毅德、展煒、鄒寶新及常崢組成,他們獲得現金獎三千元,並將代表中大前往泰國曼谷的thammasat大學參與在三月舉行的亞洲moot corp創業計劃比賽,與來自亞洲多國的頂尖大學的學生一較高下。
  2. Yang deh building, shihlin electric engineering corp

  3. Corp. vice president dr. everett c. c. yeh

  4. "they're trying to overcome their software inferiority with unix, " said an analyst in tokyo with international data corp.

  5. Worked at the sun, lucent, rand corp