n. 名詞 (第二次世界大戰的)勝利日,勝利節。

  • v:
  • day: n. 戴〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 日,一日。2. 節日;規定的日期,約定的日子。3. 晝,白晝,白天;日光。4. 〈常 pl. 〉時代;全盛時代。5. 壽命,生平。6. (某日的)戰斗;勝負,勝利。


  1. But the slap and the blessing stood him friend, says mr vincent, for to make up he taught him a trick worth two of the other so that maid, wife, abbess and widow to this day affirm that they would rather any time of the month whisper in his ear in the dark of a cowhouse or get a lick on the nape from his long holy tongue then lie with the finest strapping young ravisher in the four fields of all ireland

    文森特先生曰: 「作為補償,彼將力量相當于兩頭公牛之秘訣傳授下來。處女妻子女修道院院長與寡婦至今斷言,伊等與其跟愛爾蘭四片綠野130上最英俊強壯專門勾引女人之年輕小夥子睡覺,不如隨時都於幽暗牛棚中,對著牛耳囁嚅131 ,並希望彼用神聖的長舌舔自己的脖頸。 」
  2. In this paper, i studied the space - time character of ssw event in the mid and high latitude of the northern hemisphere and its affective factors, by using ncep / ncar re - analyzed day - by - day potential height field, temperature field, u, v and w data field, and monthly average earth probe - toms global grid data of ozone amount

    本文利用ncep ncar再分析計劃的逐日位勢高度場,溫度場, u 、 v和w資料場和earthprobe ? toms月平均全球臭氧總量格點資料,對北半球中高緯地區強爆發性增溫( ssw )事件的時空特徵及其影響因素進行了研究。
  3. When my mom was widowed three years ago, her first v - day alone was the most difficult time for her because it was also my dad ' s birthday

  4. The expulsion took place and i pocketed 600, 000 francs the day charles v repassed the bidassoa

  5. For the v - day campaign, executive director ann m. veneman speaks out on stopping rape as a weapon of war in dr congo

    「 v日」創辦人和聯合國兒童基金會發起運動,制止強奸作為戰爭的一種武器。