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  • vacation: n 1 假期;休假;(法庭等的)休庭期。2 搬出,遷出,退出;辭職。3 (職位的)空缺(期間)。vi 〈美國...
  • school: n 1 學校;〈美國〉(大學的)學部,學院;學系;校舍;講堂,教室。2 研究所,訓練所,養成所。3 〈不...

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  1. As a tutorship to tutor the student ' s english in junior high school about one month in summer vacation

  2. Quite normally that paragraph of period that the practice returns country in summer vacation undergraduate namely, recruit what condition of a few families compares poor to want to do bit of part - time job but the undergraduate that must come home again, the recruit students general rules that lets them taking your school and the high school doorway that the school introduces their home town " pitch a camp " go doing those the university entrance exam to lose out but think a circle again at the same time " university dream " graduate job

  3. There was no sabbath - school during day - school vacation, but everybody was early at church

  4. Mrs. lin : really ? at home you never wanted to go back to school after summer vacation

  5. Vacation and benefits : policy of school or company. health - injury, retirement benefits required by us government